June 29, 2022



WoW 10.0: Rumored Evoker class and Dragonkin race could be revealed tomorrow

2 min read

MMO-Champion user Scaleface, who suggests they revealed accurate information about 2016’s Legion expansion prior to its announcement, claims to possess leaked details about WoW 10.0, which is rumored to be called Dragonflight. Scaleface claims to have seen an early look at a PR update with details about a new Evoker class and Dragon-esque race, perhaps similar to the Dragonkin.

WoW 10.0 is a massive milestone to celebrate the game’s 18-year journey. World of Warcraft will continue evolving, and tomorrow we’ll get a first look at what to expect from the future of Warcraft. But before we’re thrust head-first into a lake of juicy details, there’s a full day of speculation remaining.

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