August 19, 2022


This 2K Gigabyte gaming monitor is $151 off in steep Prime Day deal

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Prime Day 2022 is a fever dream of wonderful deals that make you realize you’re not in Kansas anymore, and this Gigabyte M32Q 32-inch gaming monitor is an absolute steal.

At this very moment, you can grab the Gigabyte M32Q 32-inch 165Hz gaming monitor for just $349 at Amazon (opens in new tab), which takes a whole $192 off of its original price.

Gigabyte M32Q 32-inch 165Hz gaming monitor is a powerful gaming monitor that will impress with 0.8millisecond response time and 165Hz refresh rate, 2560×1440 resolution display. It also has VESA HDR400 certification.

This is not only great for productivity, but perfect for intense competitive gamers who need to see every little thing on screen at once and react as fast as possible. 2K resolution is a must have, and although it’ll make running games a little more demanding, that extra power is absolutely worth the clarity.

It features three USB 3.0 ports, a USB Type-B port and a USB Type-C. There’s also a Kensington Lock, two HDMI 2.0 ports and a DisplayPort 1.2. The Gigabyte M32Q 32-inch 165Hz measures 37.7 x 22 x 7.7 inches without the stand, and weighs 29.7 pounds. 

It also features AMD’s FreeSync Premium compatibility, which syncs the display’s refresh rate to your GPU, which can help reduce display stutter, input lag and eliminate screen tearing.

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