August 19, 2022


These private browsers protect you from sneaky apps — time to drop Chrome?

4 min read

Most mobile browsers offer a typical collection of tools to protect your privacy online. They block those notorious third-party cookies and trackers, prevent websites from grabbing your device’s fingerprint, and squash pop-ups — you get the idea. But that’s not nearly enough. Advertisers have a number of other ways to track you on the web and the rest of your apps. That’s where Brave and DuckDuckGo seek to stand out with their latest updates.

Brave’s and DuckDuckGo’s mobile browsers go far and beyond to make sure your personal data doesn’t fall in the wrong hands. In addition to the usual assortment of security features, they can thwart the hidden trackers inside all your installed apps from beaming your information to advertisers and malicious data brokers.

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