August 19, 2022


Telesin announces the launch of a new motorized camera dolly

2 min read

Earlier today, camera gear maker Telesin announced the launch of its new lightweight tabletop motorized camera dolly for mirrorless cameras and DSLRs. Called the Telesin Intelligent Remote Control Photography Car (opens in new tab) (yes, it’s very wordy), the product fills a nice niche in the market and looks like an excellent addition to any creator’s camera kit.

At just $165.99, it’s super affordable. Being able to create buttery smooth footage without needing to spend big bucks on a slider is beneficial for budget-conscious content creators.  

The Telesin Photography Car has a stated payload capacity of up to 3kg (6.6 lbs.). It should easily handle most mirrorless cameras and DSLRs not being used with a telephoto lens.  The Telesin motorized dolly will allow creators to film straight line and curved dolly shots using five different user-controlled speeds. It’s also capable of time-lapse photography and video.

(Image credit: Telesin)

The new three-wheeled motorized dolly is a great small alternative instead of having to set up a sliding rail system. Telesin’s new motorized dolly saves time, giving content creators the opportunity to work in tighter spaces. It also makes way for more flexibility on different surfaces. From the images, it looks like it would work well with all the cameras on our best cameras page for sure.

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