June 29, 2022



New D&D rules are coming in 2024: Here are some D&D rules to add today

4 min read

As you could probably tell from my best virtual tabletop software and best D&D soundtracks articles, I love Dungeons & Dragons. So of course I’m going to talk about the latest announcements. For those who don’t know, Wizards of the Coast unveiled that a new D&D ruleset is coming in 2024.

This new ruleset, predicted to be as huge as a D&D 5.5e or D&D 6e, was announced by D&D’s Executive Producer Ray Winninger during the Future of D&D (opens in new tab) panel. We don’t know much about what the ruleset entails, but we do know that it’s backward-compatible with D&D 5th Edition, which is wonderful news for those that have invested a lot in 5e (like me).

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