June 27, 2022



Meta’s new Horizon Worlds tools let creators earn a living in the metaverse

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Meta announces new tools coming to Horizon Worlds, allowing creators to experiment with different ways to earn money in the metaverse, such as making and selling virtual goods. If you like the idea of shopping in the metaverse as we do at a mall, you’re in luck.

Aiming to let creators earn a living by offering users digital goods, services, and experiences in self-created worlds, the tools are currently available to a handful of creators in Horizon Worlds to test out the monetization feature. While it’s limited for now, purchasing items in the metaverse is available to people aged 18 and up in the US and Canada. 

(Image credit: Meta)

The virtual goods can be just about anything creators come up with, such as attachable accessories for a fashion world, offering paid access to an exclusive new part of a world or a simple key that unlocks a door. As the announcement mentions, creators selling items will see a “Commerce” tab when they’re in “Create mode” that lets them create purchasable items. While this could fall into the trap of microtransactions, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg states it “requires a lot of experimentation and creativity” to see what people using different worlds want/ 

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