August 11, 2022


‘Joker’ malware snuck into 50 Android apps — delete them before hackers cackle away with your data

2 min read

Why so serious? Is it because you’ve had it up to here with the sudden onslaught of malware-infected apps pervading the Google Play Store? As if last week’s report about money-stealing Android apps wasn’t enough to scare us, now we have to worry about a malware family called “Joker” running amok inside the Google Play Store.

According to Zscaler Threatlabz, investigators discovered that Joker infiltrated 50 apps on the Google Play Store. Fortunately, Google promptly kicked them out of its app store, but if you happen to have any of them installed in your device, you must delete them immediately and check out one of our best mobile antivirus apps to rid your phone of any malware residue.

What is Joker malware?

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