August 14, 2022


I want the AirPods Max, but the Prime Day deal stinks — so I’m getting it here for $349

2 min read

Yes, I’m aware of the Amazon Prime Day deal on the Apple AirPods Max. Yes, I know it’s dropped $100 from its original, jaw-dropping price of $549. (opens in new tab) But it’s not enough. You may think I’m being ungrateful and entitled, but I don’t want to spend $449 on a pair of headphones — even if they’re *Apple* headphones that emanate angelic voices from the divine realm.

As such, I searched the far corners of the internet to find a better deal on the AirPods Max. As it turned out, I stumbled on RC Willey, an electronics and home goods online retailer that happens to be selling the pink AirPods Max for only $349 (opens in new tab). That’s my kind of price!

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