August 11, 2022


I spent weeks with macOS Ventura — here are the hits and misses

6 min read

When you boot into macOS Ventura, Apple’s latest annual update for the Mac, you’ll be hard-pressed to tell it apart from its predecessor. And the lack of a new landscape backdrop this year doesn’t help. Dig deeper, however, and you’ll soon discover plenty of upgrades.

Stage Manager, which provides an all-new way to multitask, is also coming to iPadOS 16. And now when I launch FaceTime on my Mac Mini it no longer tells me I don’t have a webcam. Instead, it automatically pulls the feed from my iPhone’s camera without me lifting a finger. I also didn’t end up disappointed when I typed “settings” in Spotlight to access system controls since “System Preferences” was finally renamed to the standard “System Settings” moniker. Speaking of Spotlight, it’s got a bunch of new tricks that allow you to do more right from the search bar.  

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