August 11, 2022


How to watch Better Call Saul season 6 part 2 online: Where to stream, release dates, synopsis, recap and trailer

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Better Call Saul has given us five-and-a-half seasons of TV gold so far, but even the best shows come to an end eventually. We’re down to the last six episodes of the show’s final season, and preparing to close the book on the Breaking Bad universe — at least for now. Jimmy McGill’s transition from small fish con artist to the gaudy, profiteering and outright criminal shark known as Saul Goodman has kept audiences hooked since its premiere in 2015. If you’re a part of that loyal fanbase and itching to see how the last few pages of Jimmy’s story play out, then read on for our guide on how to watch Better Call Saul season 6 online.

Bob Odenkirk’s Saul Goodman made his first appearance in episode eight of Breaking Bad’s sophomore season, quickly becoming a fan favorite and sticking with the show right to the bitter end. While originally Saul was poised to meet his maker in the Breaking Bad finale,  series creator Vince Gilligan would eventually decide against it. Instead, by the end of Walt and Jesse’s story, Saul makes his getaway — shedding the Goodman persona as he did with Jimmy McGill, to become Gene Takavic.

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