August 19, 2022


How to use Index Match in Excel

2 min read

Knowing how to use Index Match in Excel is one of the most valuable tricks in your productivity software arsenal. Finding specific items in a spreadsheet is easy if it’s small enough. But once you start dealing with data sets that reach hundreds or thousands, complications start to pile up. Luckily, we have several tricks within Microsoft Excel that can help. At the top of this list is Index Match.

Index Match combines two of Microsoft Excel’s best functions. The Index function returns a value from a table or array based on the row and column numbers you provide. The Match function, on the other hand, returns a number that represents the position of a specified value within an array. If you are familiar with how to use VLOOKUP in Excel you can probably already see how powerful this is as unlike VLOOKUP it isn’t limited to searching a single column and it doesn’t dictate your sort order. 

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