July 4, 2022



How to set up your new Windows laptop like a pro: out-of-the-box tips

10 min read

Picture it: you pull out that brand-new laptop you bought after reading our latest buying guide and plug it in for the very first time. Now it’s just a matter of breezing your way through the Windows setup process, and you’re ready to rock, right? Not really. Your notebook isn’t really ready  —  or truly yours  — until you do some tweaking. Here are a few things to consider when setting up your new laptop.

Run all Windows updates

Your computer is probably going to download a series of Windows 10 updates all on its own, so why not get it over with by forcing them to install manually? 

1. Type “updates” in the search box.

2. Click “Check for updates.”

Windows will start searching for and downloading updates, but you don’t have to wait for this process to complete before moving on to your next task.

3. If Windows doesn’t automatically search for updates, select the “Check for updates” box. 

Uninstall bloatware

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