July 2, 2022



How to make desktop shortcuts in Windows 10

2 min read

If you’re switching from Mac to PC, one of the primary difference you’ll come across is how to add program shortcuts to your desktop. On the Mac, you just dragged a program’s icon from the Applications folder to the Desktop, and voila! a shortcut was made! On the Windows laptop, there are two kinds of programs (Desktop apps and Modern apps) and there’s no single visible folder that holds all of your apps, so things are a little more complicated.

Luckily, we’ve put together instructions for how to make desktop shortcuts for both Modern apps (a convention that started in Windows 8 and includes Microsoft Edge, Mail and other programs) and Desktop apps (which you download yourself, like Chrome). The way to tell if an app is Modern or Desktop is if “Show File Location” appears as an option when you right-click on it in the Start menu.

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