July 4, 2022



How to Include the Mouse Cursor in a Windows 10 Screenshot

2 min read

Microsoft provides two distinct options to capture the screen using bundled tools. The first, and oldest, is the PrtScr button on the keyboard, a tool that requires copying an image and pasting it into Paint to edit. It’s not ideal, and lacks the features of the newer version: Snipping Tool.

While a giant leap forward for screenshots on Windows devices, even Snipping Tool falls short in one key area that I’d never knew I needed, until I actually needed it; I couldn’t capture the mouse cursor. Here’s the roundabout fix I came up with so that I can get that pesky mouse cursor in the image, when required. Of course, you can also use third-party tools to do the same thing — or record the screen, cursor included — but for me, this isn’t something I’ll need that often.

How to include the mouse cursor in a Windows 10 screenshot

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