August 7, 2022


How to clear your cache on Android

2 min read

If you are wondering how to clear your cache on an Android phone, we can help you get that done in just a few easy steps.

Whether you are looking to clear the browser cache or clear the app cache, we’ve put together some instructions to help you achieve your goal. We’ll walk through why doing this can not only free up space on your Android phone but also make it run much faster.

If your phone is brand new then clearing the cache to free up space is unnecessary, but as your phone fills up over time and you start to run low on space, this can affect performance. Deleting apps and offloading your photos to a cloud storage service is going to have the biggest impact, but clearing the cache on your browser and apps will also make a difference.

(Image credit: Laptop Mag)

How to clear cache on Android: Clear browser cache

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