July 2, 2022



How to check your Chromebook’s battery health

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Chromebooks have a reputation for being overly simple, but you can find out more about your particular Chrome OS machine if you know where to poke around. For example, did you know that you can check the health of a Chromebook’s battery, without any other apps and only a few clicks and commands?

This trick is super useful for finding out if your Chromebook’s battery is in its last days, or if its short battery life is due to you pushing it to the limits. Also, you get to meet the Chrome terminal, the Crosh — an amazing name. There’s also some optional algebra involved if you want to see what the results say about your system’s long-term life.

How to check your Chromebook’s battery health

1. Hit Ctrl + Alt + t to open the Crosh.

2. Type ‘battery test’ and hit Enter.

3. Here’s your battery’s health, measured in a percentage out of 100 percent.

4. If your Chromebook is unplugged, it will run its battery discharge test, which checks how much of your battery drains in 5 minutes.

You can get a speculative battery life estimate (based on whatever action you’re doing on the Chromebook) with that result. For example, I plugged 0.69, the result I got, into the following equation:

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