August 14, 2022


How to cancel Amazon Prime — free yourself before the price increase

2 min read

“How to cancel Amazon Prime” is skyrocketing as many subscribers seek to unchain themselves from funneling money directly into the big-box retailer’s pockets — especially after it announced it will increase the cost of Prime membership in Europe and the UK. 

Perhaps you were lured into a Prime membership with a 30-day trial, but now you’re ready to cut ties with Amazon. Maybe you already have countless subscriptions eating away at your hard-earned money and you’re ready to kick Amazon Prime to the curb. Now, it may be because your Prime subscription will increase (opens in new tab) from £7.99 a month to £8.99 in the UK from September 15. What’s more, annual membership will increase from £79 to £95.

No matter what your reason is, don’t worry, we can help you cancel Amazon Prime easily and efficiently.

How to cancel Amazon Prime

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