August 14, 2022


How to become a lich or god in DND — Who’s thirsty for undeath?

5 min read

One of the most searched questions about dnd is how to become a lich or god, which is hilarious, but it makes complete sense. I have two separate players whose characters are on those exact paths. I’m going to cover some mechanical possibilities for these two situations, but this really comes down to your GM. Don’t worry; I’ll go over everything. As someone who struggles with anxiety and depression — a combo that is less than ideal for a journalist or a game master juggling seven different players in a six-hour Dungeons & Dragons game — it can be tough to go up to your GM and say “hey, I wanna be a lich.”

In this week’s column of Tabletop tips from an anxious GM (all of which can be found on our DND tips hub), I’ll be answering the common question I see on the internet (and from my own players) about how to become a lich (or god).

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