August 14, 2022


Hogwarts Legacy receives new cinematic and character creation images

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Hogwarts Legacy has received new cinematic footage and character creation stills. This was revealed at the Autodesk Vision Series, which is a conference hosted by developers of huge upcoming games. This conference featured an hour-long livestream dedicated to Hogwarts Legacy, in which many developers of the game commented on and shared their creation processes.

This included less than a minute of footage showcasing a new Hogwarts Legacy cutscene, where the main character and a companion watch as a Hippogryph is seemingly abused and taken away behind gate, before the main character’s companion rushes into the building to help, leaving the player stranded out at the gate.

We also got our hands on some new character creation stills. It appears that players will actually decide their house from the character creation screen, as there is a sigil on the top right of the selections that seem like it could only imply a house selection. This is certainly interesting, especially since it raises the question about what exactly will occur when the player gets to the sorting process.

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

We already know that players will not be coming to Hogwarts as a freshman, as they’re transferring from another school, which means they won’t have anywhere near the same experience as a regular student who’s starting from scratch. However, I do hope getting your house picked is a bit more intricate than just deciding at character creation. While that would be fine, it’s nowhere near as immersive as it could be.

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