August 19, 2022


Google Glass is making a comeback — with some ‘strict limitations’

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Google gave us a taste of its upcoming Google Glass successor, and its augmented reality (AR) smart glasses are now gearing up for small-scale public testing — without any photography and videography features.

According to a Google blog update, the search giant is planning to test its AR prototypes in the real world with a few dozen Googlers and other trusted testers. While they will include in-lens displays, microphones, and cameras, group product manager Justin Payne states “they’ll have strict limitations.” That means no privacy-intrusive photo or video capabilities, as the team is “taking it slow,” which is likely due to the raging privacy controversy with the previous Google Glass.

As the update points out, Google will be focusing on testing the AR smart glasses’ ability to translate real-world text and offer real-time translation and transcription. We got a glimpse at this during Google I/O 2022, but the public test will also offer experiences such as translating a menu. 

What’s more, Google will also be testing AR navigation, such as showing users directions to a nearby coffee shop. The AR prototypes will be able to factor in weather and busy intersections, like Google Maps but on your face. 

Ensuring privacy

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