August 14, 2022


Google Chrome may soon let you know how terrible your password is

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As Google begins its march towards a passwordless future, passwords are still a necessary online security tool to block unwanted access to accounts. Now, the search giant wants to let users know how weak their login credentials are with a password strength indicator.

According to Chromium (via 9to5Google), Google Chrome is setting up a password strength indicator feature when typing a new password in during sign-up and when changing passwords.

While this tool isn’t anything new, with websites and password managers like LastPass and 1Password already using the feature, it will be a handy built-in feature for users to find out if their password is strong enough. Especially seeing how it takes under 1 second for hackers to crack these passwords.

While the feature isn’t available to the public yet, Leopeva64 on Twitter spotted a description of the password strength indicator. It’s set to be available on Mac, Windows, ChromeOS, Linux, Fuchsia, and Lacros. Plus, the ability to enable the feature is already available on the Google Canary build.

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Chrome finally having a built-in password strength indicator may not last too long, though. Google announced it will be expanding support for a common passwordless sign-in standard created by the FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium. Apple and Microsoft will also be joining the transition from password-only authentication, as a way to protect against phishing attacks and malicious hacking methods. 

Google has been pushing for passwordless sign-ins for a while, including on Chromebooks. It’s uncertain when we could see everyone transition to passwordless sign-ins, so it’s a good idea to create a worthy password to ace any password strength indicator. 

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