July 2, 2022



Ghostwire: Tokyo forced me to destroy the one thing I loved

6 min read

Ghostwire: Tokyo shattered my spirit. The neon streets of Shibuya offer an alluring illusion, with Tango Gameworks’ sinister machinations coming to light only in the briefest of moments. This is a game that drove its claws through my chest and pierced my soul, rupturing its thin protective layer before striking at the core of my being. 

Before I become lost weeping about the torment which afflicts me, I should provide some background. Interaction with the yōkai throughout Ghostwire: Tokyo most commonly revolves around acts of aggression. Well-groomed demons and vengeful ghosts love pelting Akito with projectiles while he’s casually strolling through Tokyo. However, there are yōkai that behave differently.

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