August 14, 2022


Forspoken delayed to January 2023 after reaching its ‘final polishing phase’

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Forspoken has been delayed from October 11 to January 24 as a “result of ongoing discussions with key partners.” This “strategic decision” was made as “development is in its final polishing phase.” Square Enix and Luminous Productions announced this through an official tweet from the game’s Twitter acount, where the image thanks fans for their “support and patience.”

It’s also teased that the team will share more information on Forspoken later this Summer. A delay of this kind is no surprise, considering the state of modern gaming and how the Covid-19 pandemic impacted development throughout the industry. Luminous Productions is also no stranger to delays, as Final Fantasy XV faced a number of them, even after it was revived from its status as Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

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