July 2, 2022



Dyson’s air-purifying headphones filters city fumes and pollutants — here’s how it works

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Dyson revealed its first-ever headphones boasting advanced noise cancellation and high-fidelity audio, but it’s also its first wearable purifier that captures air pollution and delivers purified air straight to the user’s face.

Named the Dyson Zone, the air-purifying headphones are the household appliance company’s “first step” into wearable technology. Equipped with dual-layer filters on each earcup and a noticeable non-contact visor, the over-ear headphones aim to keep air quality and noise pollution in check. 

In the announcement, Dyson confirmed the Dyson Zone will launch in autumn 2022 and will be available in-store and at Dyson.com. While the price has yet to be revealed, you can sign up to find out more about these bizarre, environmentally-friendly cans. 

Dyson Zone: How it works 

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