Common killed Daveed Diggs’ Tornado 2 for “shady” causes

First, Daveed Diggs wrote a tornado Consequence? Thomas Jefferson himself packed “Dorothy 2” right into a pickup truck to journey down Twister Alley with Helen Hunt? It nearly occurred, Diggs says, till Common ended the undertaking for “shady” causes.

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However let’s return. First we’ve to set the desk. By now we’re all conscious that Common is shifting ahead at full pace tornadowhich is able to inevitably have one of many following titles: second, Twitter2ter, Toaster, Tornado: Origins, Tornado: Vengeance, The tornadoor just tornado. The undertaking has been in growth hell since audiences noticed this notorious CGI cow fly throughout screens in a disturbing piece of digital animal cruelty. However in 2021 seems on See what’s occurring stay!Her unique Finger of God puller, Helen Hunt, stated she needed to direct a sequel with All Black and Brown Storm Chasers and “they wouldn’t.”

“We might barely get a meetup,” she stated in 2021. “And that’s in June 2020, when it was all about variety. And it will have been so cool,” she continued. “There was an HBCU [historically Black college and university] the place we needed it to be and a rocket science membership and that’s the place they shoot the rockets into the twister. It will be so cool.”

Hunt revealed that the undertaking was to be written by blind recognizing Co-authors Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal. As we all know from historical past, Hunt by no means directed the movie, and the reasoning implied is about as predictable as every other shitty factor this trade pulls.

“Oh man, I’m not going to get into that primarily as a result of I’m in all probability going to recollect issues fallacious,” Diggs stated insider At Tuesday. “However I’m simply saying that there was one event the place we spoke about it and it didn’t occur and the the reason why it didn’t occur could also be shady.”

Diggs in all probability didn’t want so as to add the subsequent half, as a result of anybody who’s ever set foot in the USA is aware of why Hollywood wouldn’t make a movie about Black and Brown Storm Chasers (racism). Nonetheless, Diggs is way extra diplomatic than netizens AV membership and places it method too properly: “However shady, as we all know the trade is shady.”

None of that is shocking, aside from the truth that Daveed Diggs wrote a tornado Consequence. That ought to be blind recognizing observe up. What a bizarre fucking trade? Anyway, tornado 2 is directed by Minari Director Lee Isaac Chung.