June 29, 2022



Best webcams in 2022

11 min read

We’ve noticed a pattern after years of notebook testing: Built-in webcams generally stink. With the exception of a few standouts, those cameras are grainy, blurry, off-color, and lacking in detail. It’s frustrating to purchase a laptop with a built-in webcam only for it to be absolutely terrible. That said, purchasing an external webcam that renders better image and video quality is oftentimes a must. With that in mind, we bring you the best webcams of 2022. 

Working remotely is the new norm for many in the world, and having the best webcam possible improves your ability to clearly communicate and share ideas. Purchasing a great webcam is worth investing in, and makes the remote working experience more pleasant. Plugging in one of the best webcams can provide better image quality and clearer audio for teleconferencing and streaming. 

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