August 11, 2022


As Dusk Falls review: Stumbles while trying to shake things up

8 min read

I believed I had seen most of what the modern interactive drama had to offer before I got my hands on As Dusk Falls, the debut title from INTERIOR/NIGHT, a studio of ex-Quantic Dream developers. An offshoot born from traditional adventure games, the filmic subgenre gained a significant amount of critical attention and traction in the 2010s largely due to titles like Heavy Rain and the Life is Strange series. 

Games of this ilk stressed realism, whether in tone or visual fidelity, and decision-making that promised consequential storytelling, making them de facto vehicles for “mature” stories. As they settled into this groove, the formula for these games became standardized, which left me with a single question in mind while playing As Dusk Falls: How does this game mix things up?

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