August 19, 2022


6 little-known, time-saving iPhone tricks you can’t live without

5 min read

If you were wowed by the Handoff feature we told you about (a magical iPhone trick that lets you transfer a photo to another iOS device by simply pinching it), wait ‘til you hear about the cornucopia of little-known iPhone hacks we’ve compiled that will help you save time.

Phones are no longer rudimentary devices solely designed for sending texts, making calls and taking photos. With the iPhone, Apple developed a technological marvel that is more than just a smartphone — it’s a pocket-sized sidekick that facilitates our daily tasks seamlessly and efficiently. Need to add your ID to Apple Wallet to clear TSA? You can do that. Want to hop on FaceTime with a friend while simultaneously watching HBO Max? SharePlay makes it possible. Feeling compelled to record your iPhone screen with a simple press of a button? Your wish is Apple’s command.

iPhone 12 mini (Image credit: Future)
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