August 19, 2022


17 innocent-looking Android apps are stealing banking credentials — delete them before you’re next

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Your banking credentials aren’t safe, according to Trend Micro (opens in new tab) research, especially if you have one of the malware-infested apps they’ve discovered in their cybersecurity report. These Google Play Store apps appear to be innocuous, but they are injected with banking trojans and behind users’ backs, they’re collecting sensitive information, including banking details, passwords, emails, texts, and more.

The Trend Micro investigators dubbed this malware campaign “DawDropper.” Fortunately, the trojan-packed apps have been removed from the Google Play Store, but that doesn’t automatically remove them from users’ phones. Check out the following 17 blacklisted apps and make sure they’re not on your device.

DawDropper Google Play Store apps (Image credit: Trend Micro)

Interestingly, many of the infected apps were masquerading as “cleaners,” photo and video editors, QR code and document scanners, VPNs and call recorders. The apps in the DawDropper campaign were caught installing four types of banking trojan variants, including Octo, Hydra, Ermac and TeaBot. 

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